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Biophilic Elements

Biophilic Patterns

Aspecta by Metroflor

  • Store with Tally Oak Tan floors
  • Hotel room with Monarch Plum Malta Shipwright floors
  • Room with large table and chairs with Shipwright Roseway floors
  • Office with Summer Pine Driftwood floors
Asset 4

Here’s to 1912

A century of firsts followed. Vertex was the first company to develop a pure, homogenous vinyl floor tile. It was the first to introduce a new flooring concept from Taiwan - now known as LVT. And it transformed the flooring market with its floating floor system. All these and more have been developed with the customer firmly at heart, with a focus on greater ease of use to help architects and fitters work better and smarter.

Today, that same passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to customers has ensured Vertex continues to lead the way as the LVT specialist, through outstanding distribution, global reach and new product development - whilst always staying true to the Stone family's building blocks of excellent design, great quality and spirit of innovation.

Aspecta One Table

Embracing Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design provides us the foundation to help positively affect both human and ecological well-being within the built environment by sensitively responding to unique ecology of place, culture, history and beauty; creating places of joy, inspiration and interconnection. Biophilic Design goals and strategies have evolved out of research areas such as environment and behavior studies, biology, and physical and psychological health. Empirical evidence shows that Biophilic Design causes psychological and physiological effects that support healing, learning, cognitive skills, and creativity. Furthermore, people enjoy spaces that connect them to nature as a result of these inherent biological connections.